Making the teabag folding into a card
Using stamp positioner on scrap piece of paper. Stamp the H-029 "bug on sunflower" upsidedown
With your square white card place over so as to cover the sunflower up to the shoes and in the center of that edge of the card
Lightly draw a line on the scrap paper along the bottom and a little way up the sides of that white square of card
Now ink and stamp on that side of the square of card
Turn and stamp next edge laying the card on your lightly drawn line on scrap paper
Keep turning and stamping all sides
Add some colour to all four flowers
Turn over and put double sided tape on all four corners
Stick in center of red square of card
Add tape to corners of red card
Add tape to yellow cards
Tape red cards to yellow cards on two opposite corners so that 3/4 cm <1/4 inch> shows of the yellow card
Stick in center of black card
Put glue over the back of teabag folding
Center and glue onto card
Press center firnly down for a few minutes to make sure that it does not lift
You now have a completed card
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